Precise location based marketing and direct response advertising

With the demise of local media, it is increasingly difficult to reach exact demographics.

Zapme® provides a highly targeted communication medium for your message, as the population that is drawn to a venue will typically consume in a nearby economic radius.

On site

Zapme® Players are deployed in an area of a premises or venue that we call a “zone” – it is really any self-contained area – and a set of these Players form a set of ‘tiles’ that together cover the zone.  There is one “media loop” that plays across a zone, and each Player plays the same Media Loop, except they are slightly offset in their timing.

Precision Targeting and Timing

Zapme enables advertisers to precisely target their ads and offers, and tune these in response to outcomes.  Each Zapme Player is aware of the people around it, and the anonymous data set provides a rich set of behavioral and demographic data to assist in ad targeting.  In addition the exact timing of each ad is known, and this can be coordinated with other events occurring in the venue or in other media associated with the venue.

The Media Loop

The Media Loop is a set of ad inventory consisting of a set of timed slots in the loop.  These slots can be amalgamated together to form a long ad for a video, or can be used for short ads, like an image, and the Media Loop rotates over time.  There can be many Media Loops for a zone, designated to play at certain times of the day, and certain days of the week, forming a highly targeted and easily updated set of ad inventory.  The Player has a very high resolution screen with brilliant color, and adjusts for light intensity in the room.

Deals and Offers

Each ad (whether a video or an image) can also have associated ‘deals’ or ‘offers’ that a user can access via the ‘Grab Me’ button.  These can be as simple as coupon code words, or can be as sophisticated as one-off individual QR codes that can be redeemed during a purchase.


Data, more data and validation

Zapme Players know exactly where they are in a room, and they are also ‘aware’ of the people around them – how many people, how long they dwell, what they are interested in – and this data is made available to advertisers and venues to gradually build profiles of venues, locations and patrons to ensure ads and deals are relevant to them and their group.  This data is also used to validate advertising viewing and interaction statistics, so advertisers can be assured that their ad inventory reaches the audience they intended it to reach.

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